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About us?



About us

What is project SUCCESS ?

SUCCESS (Solutions for Unified Communication Competences for Engineering Students and Specialists) is carried out in cooperation with four higher education institutions and a company specialized in providing specialized training in the industry. Our goal is to encourage the use of creative learning and teaching methods by providing student-centered curricula.

The SUCCESS project provides the opportunity to develop and implement new, innovative ideas in already existing study practices.

English, Softskills & Communication

Our goal is to help students and specialists develop a skill set that will enhance their confidence and abilities to deliver the knowledge they have in an engaging and interactive way.

Why is this project relevant ?

Who will participate ?

Universities, partners...

SUCCESS collaborates with 5 partners: Universidad politécnica de Cartagena, Technische universität Dresden, De Vinci Group, Riga Technical University & The Pyramid Group.




April 2022


Digital Communication in the 21st Century

The main goal of this 5-day program is to help participants master their digital communication and presentation skills and improve their digital etiquette.


February 2023


English for Specific Purposes Career Panel

This event aims to enable participants to become familiar with the specialist language that is used in the field and to learn the skills required by the industries and labor market.


November 2023


Communication Lab

The aim of the event is to create a platform for engineering students to put established skills to the test and develop their soft skills


February 2024


Communication Deployment Hackathon

An international forum aimed to participate and demonstrate participant's abilities to solve various problems while interacting on this international communication platform.


Project Participants

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